Nutritious and tasty vegetable treats for dogs and cats

VEGEPET is a brand of plant-based animal treats. 100% natural, VEGEPET products are filled with traced elements, to ensure a balanced and delicious diet for your pets.

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Sweet Potato Knotted Bone

100gr / 250gr / 340gr

Potato Blueberry Sticks

100gr / 250gr / 340gr

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Advantages of VEGEPET


We know how important it is to know the origin of the products we consume. That’s why we guarantee the traceability of VEGEPET treats.


Healthy does not necessarily mean insipid. VEGEPET are made from tasty fruits and vegetables to satisfy all tastes.

Natural ingredients

VEGEPET foods are 100% natural and we only select plant elements that guarantee the health and nutritional balance of your animals.

Gluten free

All our ingredients are made from natural and gluten-free ingredients.

Our vision

Want the best for your pet?
us too! Vegepet has been designed to create treats for our feline and canine friends. We are animal lovers, just like you.You will find dogs and cats in our homes, and even sitting at our feet in our offices!

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I’ve been learning tricks with Aiko since he is 2months old, and some tricks have been learned using Vegepet treats

Juliette Hatchi

Photographer for dog and blogger, Vegepet treats help keep my models concentrated

Stéphanie Legay

I love Vegepet products to take care of my 5 dogs. Their ingredients are healthy and delicious, they are really my favorite